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What’s A Sista Eo Do is the latest novel from best-selling author Yvette. This humorous and heartwarming story follows three friends who unknowingly bring a year of “Trouble” upon themselves by toasting to it on New Year’s Eve. Denise, the main character, is a single woman with a history of choosing the wrong men, despite being the go-to person for relationship advice among her friends. As the plot unfolds, Denise and her friends navigate through a series of comical and relatable mishaps in their pursuit of love and happiness. With Yvette’s signature wit and charm, What’s A Sista Eo Do is a delightful and engaging read that will have you laughing, commiserating, and ultimately rooting for the characters as they navigate life’s challenges and victories. Add this must-read novel to your collection today!

What’s A Sista To Do

SKU: ‎979-8988366218
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