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Jocelyn is an educated, beautiful woman who sparsely dated. She decided she would focus on work.  That was until she met Jeff.

Jeff is the  man everyone always saw Jocelyn with. When Jocelyn met him she believed she met  the one. A successful attorney who is driven, family oriented and loving. Jeff knew what he wanted and that was to settle down with Jocelyn.


Then there was Terrell. He was her first love. Terrell is the total opposite of Jeff and the relationship they had was not all good but it wasn’t all bad either. He came back a changed man  in many ways but old memories die hard and apparently so do old feelings.

They say the heart wants what the heart wants. And what the heart wants it gets even if it has to overrule the mind. Jocelyn found out the hard way when she had to choose between the logical choice and her first love.


Who will Jocelyn choose and will it lead to heartbreak or happiness?

Story Of Two

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