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About The Author

Yvette Way

Yvette Way, originally from Boston, Massachusetts, now calls Atlanta, Georgia her home. She earned her BA in Communication from Curry College. Yvette's passion for writing ignited in fourth grade, but it blossomed into a love for fiction during her sophomore year of high school. It was then that a teacher sparked her interest by introducing her to authors like Dr. Maya Angelou. Encouraged by this mentor, she began contributing to the creative newsletter he initiated.

Currently, Yvette is the author of three books: "What's A Sista To Do," "Story of Two," and "Takedown." With her captivating writing skills and passion for literature, Yvette emerges as a rising author deserving of attention from readers everywhere.

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About Symphony 18 Publishing

Symphony18 Publishing stands as a leading online bookstore specializing in the publication of works by Yvette Way. We take immense pride in presenting our current bestsellers, "What's A Sista To Do" and "Story of Two," available for purchase. Anticipate our forthcoming release, "Takedown," poised to captivate readers alike. Our ethos revolves around delivering literature of exceptional quality, engaging minds, and stirring hearts. We are fervent advocates for diversity in literature, dedicated to amplifying a multitude of voices and narratives. At Symphony18 Publishing, we champion the belief that every individual harbors a unique story deserving of expression, and we are steadfast in our commitment to empowering authors to share their tales with the world. We extend our gratitude for selecting Symphony18 Publishing for your literary journey. May our books enrich your reading experience, and we eagerly anticipate weaving more captivating narratives in the days to come.

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